[SOME BY MI] 30 Days Glow Luminous Ampoule Mask

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    Recharging Moisture Into Desert-dry Skin

    Strong sunlight, violent wind, and dry weather take away moisture from the skin and make it into dry, desert-like skin.

    If you have that dry skin, try Glow Luminous Hyaluron Mask. Through a powerful moisture-recharging synergy effect of three layers of Hyaluronic acid and Oxygen Water from Jeju, you will feel the bursting moisture filling up from the deep side of the skin.F

    It even contains a patented ingredient, Soothing Cooler, to effectively cool off the irritated skin.

    Dry and cracked skin lacking moisture, don’t just leave it and recharge enough moisture through 1 mask sheet per day skincare.

    End Your Dull Skin With 1 Sheet Mask per Day

    After getting skincare from the clinic, your skin glows with radiance. However, you can get that brightening effect without having to go to clinic if you have this Red Diamond Ampoule Mask!

    This sheet mask contained with Pearl Extract and Diamond Powder, helps build up a luminously glowing skin like jewels. Moreover, patented ingredient, Amino acid complex, is effective in improving the vitality of the skin.

    Those days when your skin feels especially tired and dull, don’t let it go and get help from Diamond Ampoule Mask.

    Quick Calming Care Through 1 Mask Sheet Per Day

    On the days like when you’ve been out all day or when you were in new environments, you’ll notice your skin feeling more tiring than usual.

    On the days like these, how about feeling the power of Teatree Ampoule instead of just going to bed?
    Teatree Leaf Extract and Centella Asiatica Extract control the oiliness of the skin and help calm skin that has become sensitive due to the external stimuli.

    Patented ingredient, Natural Protector, protects the tired-out skin and helps the active ingredients to be absorbed well into the skin.

    Don’t forget to calm the skin irritated by the new environment through Sheet Mask pack!


  • Key Ingredients
    3 layers of Hyaluronic acid
    Recharges moisture to the gaps between skin, to help maintain a long-lasting hydration.
    Jeju Oxygen Water
    Calms the irritated skin and helps make a pure and clean skin texture.

    Diamond Powder
    Helps make luminously glowing skin
    Pearl Extract
    Helps with brightening care and gain a clear vitality.

    Tea Tree Leaf Extract
    Controls excessive sebum and quickly soothes the skin that has become sensitive due to external environment and stimuli.
    Centella Asiatica Extract
    Quickly calms skin that has become sensitive due to stimuli and helps skin gain back its healthy condition.
  • Benefits
    Recharges moisture
    Refines skin texture
    Cooling care
    Luminous skin
    Recharges moisture
    Calms skin
    Refines skin texture
    Recharges moisture

  • How to use
    1) After cleansing, apply toner to prepare your skin, and place the mask accordingly with your facial features.
    2) Leave on for 10~20 minutes before take off, and gently pat until the remaining essence is absorbed.

  • Expiration date: See product details
  • Skin Type: All skin

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