[PERIPERA] Ink Stick Serum

$ 7.80 USD $ 13 USD
Description-A lipstick that offers a transparent glow like the shining water without stuffiness, no matter how many times you layer it.-A comfortable daily stick serum that allows glow look makeup beginner to use easily, can be used on full makeup as well as no makeup.-The color looks even more clear and vivid when it meets the water glow radiance.#01 FRESH PINK : The be-all and end-all, fresh, cool pink that requires no explanation#02 APRICOT PINK : The coral pink that proves its worth when you want your face to radiate transparently#03 LIVING RED : The final destination for the color red where you can settle down without a second thought#04 NEUTRAL CORAL : A pure coral color you’ll find yourself falling for when you put it on. A calm, burnt coral that you can concentrate on calmly#05 BRICK TITLE : An easy-to-use rose brick that you’ll find yourself using everyday because it isn’t murkySuggested UseApply an appropriate amount and spread smoothly on the lips.

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