[INNISFREE] Bija Cica Balm 80ml

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Gel type chestnut to help calm and calm your sensitive skin. Centera Asia Tica 4X - The four key ingredients of Sentela Asiatica 4X, Madecasoside, Madeecia Acid, Asian Ticoside and Asiatic Aid, help to treat skin sores. Cosmetic Ingredient Analysis 20 different ingredients specified in 'Reconciliation' Free. Completion of nonkomenogenetic. Test Completes Acne Skin Care. You can use it safely with your acne skin by completing nonkomenogenetic test that proves the function that does not cause acne or does not get worse. Visa oil with excellent skin protection and D-Panthenol to help strengthen skin barrier make healthy skin. Contains 90% natural ingredients, Mild cica Care : Ingredients derived from natural ingredients are high, the ingredients are not prescribed, delivers a mild cica care effect. 'Daily cica Care' is available for use in the morning and evening. Gel type It is lightly put on skin at night and is absorbed quickly, and it is Daily cica care item which is not burdensome in the morning.

How to use
In the pre-cream phase, spread evenly over the face and let it absorb. When using spot: Apply it thickly on the affected area. Apply to the topical area, please apply to the skin after wearing the whole.

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