[FEELXO] How Was It Serum 50ml

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FEELXO How was it AHA-BHA-PHA Serum
[AHA (300,000ppb) BHA (200,000ppb) PHA (500,000ppb) / BLUEBERRY 100,000ppm ]
Aha, BHA, and PHA components gently remove dead skin cells and wastes, helping to calm skin caused by sebum imbalance, while the blueberry content of 100,000ppm in this serum is effective in soothing the skin
[HYALURONIC 880,400ppm(88.4%) / B5 1,000ppm]
The hyaluronic acid content of 880,400ppm in this serum keeps dry and rough skin moisturized and hydrated while 1,000ppm of panthenol (b5) keeps skin clear and healthy.
[BLACK SNAIL 930,000ppm(93%) / NIACINAMAIDE 2% / 4GF 1,000ppm]
The Black Snail Content on 930,000PPM in this serum helps to protect skin barriers that have become sensitive to external stimuli. 2% of Niacinamide and 1,000ppm of 4F helps to keep your skin pure and lively while providing vitality and nutrition to your skin.
FEELXO How was it CICA Serum
[CICA 880,000ppm (88%) / SUPER CENTELLA 4,000ppm]
This Serum contains 880,000ppm of centellaasiatica (cica) and 4,000PPM of super centella to protect sensitive skin and irritated skin from externalstimuli helping to soothe weakened skin .
FEELXO How was it Vitamin Serum
[VITAMIN TREE 830,000ppm (83%) / NIACINAMIDE 5%]
This serum contains 830,000PPM of vitamin tree fruit with abundant nutrients to nourish the skin. 5% of niacinamide, known for its whitening effects making this serum effective in brightening dull skin caused by freckles and keeps the skin clear.

How to use
Take an appropriate amount and apply.

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