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[FEELXO] Face Mask 5-DAY All in One Skincare / Black Head Remove / Pore care / Hydrating / Firming / Glowing

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🎉5-DAY "ALL in ONE" SKINCARE PROGRAM (Set of 5)🎉📌5-DAY ALL in One✔ Charcoal Nose Mask_Blackhead Remover x 1✔ Pore Care Lotus Mask_Black Charcoal Sheet x 1✔ Hydra Rose Mask_Coconut Gel Sheet x 1✔ Firming Camellia Mask_Microfiber Sheet (Cream) x 1✔...
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Nose Mask 10pcs
PoreCare Mask 5pcs
Hydra Mask 5pcs
Firming Mask 5pcs
Glowing Mask 5pcs
5-DAY Total Care
5-DAY Total Care 1+1
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Product Type: Mask

Vendor: FEELXO


Product Details


📌5-DAY ALL in One

✔ Charcoal Nose Mask_Blackhead Remover x 1
✔ Pore Care Lotus Mask_Black Charcoal Sheet x 1
✔ Hydra Rose Mask_Coconut Gel Sheet x 1
✔ Firming Camellia Mask_Microfiber Sheet (Cream) x 1
✔ Glowing Marigold Mask_Microfiber Sheet (Serum) x 1

★Key Features

✔ Protects skin cells from UV rays and prevents the breakdown of proteins and enzymes which are essential for healthy skin
✔ Quick, effective, and easy skincare remedies
✔ No parabens, No alcohols, No phthalates, No sulfates, No animal testing
✔ Maximizes nutrient absorption. Feelxo's face masks are proven to be highly adhesive to skin especially when compared to other sheet mask brands

★All in One Program by 'Feelxo'

People, in the past, simply used general facial masks on targeted skin problems on a day-to-day basis. However, the temporary action did not solve the substantive problems until now!

‘Feelxo’ came up with 5-step ‘All in One Program’ with a well-researched background for skin care products. This regime is proven to work for all types of skin by allowing essential nutrients to absorb quickly unto the skin.

📌 DAY 1 BLACKHEAD REMOVER Charcoal Nose Mask


Gain control of grime. Remove stubborn blackheads and whiteheads from around your nose. Gently, but effectively extract skin-clogging impurities with our Charcoal Nose Peel!
Formulated with
Charcoal Power + Aloe Vera + Witch Hazel

📌 DAY 2 PORE CARE Lotus Mask


Healthy pores are essential for good-looking skin. Our lotus mask shrinks large pores and infuses them with natural nutrients
Prevent skin problems (acne, wrinkles, and dark spots) by controlling excessive sebum and removing dead skin cells

Formulated with
Black Charcoal Sheet + Lotus, Egg White, Lemon


Make sure to remove the double-layered protective films on this mask before use!


Hydrate & sooth your skin with the moisturizing benefits of roses
Antioxidants strengthen your skin's cells while the gel-based sheets made with coconut water perfectly adheres to your skin for maximum results

Formulated with
Coconut Gel-type Sheet + Rose, Olive Oil, Avocado

📌 DAY 4 FIRMING Camellia Mask


Give your skin vitality and anti-aging power with specially extracted "Camellia EGCG" ingredients
Microfiber sheets (thickness of 0.01 denier) nourish and lift skin to provide a more elastic appearance

Formulated with
Microfiber (Cream) Sheet + Camellia, Yogurt, Berry

📌 DAY 5 GLOWING Marigold Mask


Naturally formulated ingredients are sourced exclusively from marigolds (utilizing everything from the root to the leaf) to give your face a natural glow
Microfiber sheets (thickness of 0.01 denier) nourish and lift skin to provide a more elastic appearance

Formulated with
Microfiber (Serum) Sheet + Marigold, Honey, Celery

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