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[DR.JART+] Water Fuse Hydro Soothe Eye Gel 20g

[DR.JART+] Water Fuse Hydro Soothe Eye Gel 20g

An ultra-hydrating eye gel cream that provides lasting hydration
while reducing the appearance of puffiness and swelling
with Pumpkin Extract, Arnica, and Bromelain.


This formula contains a blend of Aqua Minerals that help direct the water flow through the waterways between cells, helping to maintain balanced moisture levels while improving water absorption to boost firmness and elasticity. It is also formulated with Belgium Hot Spring Water and Natural Barrier Complex to aid in expelling impurities from pores while providing soothing and antibacterial benefits. Aquaicia and Oligo-HA promotes synthesis of water pockets and hydrates to keep skin looking and feeling healthy.



Texture Detail


How To Use

1. Before moisturizing, take a small amount with your ring finger.
2. Tap gently around each eye.
3. Allow gel to fully absorb.



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